Working on my 43rd track of the week today, a song called "Wild weekend" featuring some very soulful vocals from Sara Harris. She recorded the vocal remotely to a rough backing track then I've re-recorded the instruments. We're happy with the mix now so I'm making the film to go with it; the song is about getting away from it all on a wild camping trip. Visually we head up the West Coast of Scotland to the mountains of Torridon - wish I was there now, except it's raining so Dorset is a better option today!

We'll be releasing the track on my youtube channel on Wednesday. Then Blue Tides are playing live at Ringwood Meeting House on Thursday evening.

Track of the Week

I'm releasing a new track and short film each week in 2020, many new compositions plus arrangements, remixes and live performances. Here's the link to my youtube channel ...........

Track of the week

There's my blog about track of the week......coming soon

Live Dates

So many gigs have been put on hold that we feel lucky to be playing; we've started a twice-monthly event at Ringwood Meeting House, an excellent Covid safe venue with "bubbles" for up to 130 people. Blue Tides will be back there this Thursday, 22nd October, 7.30pm.

More coming soon!


Blue Tides - our 8 piece band playing soulful jazz, rhythm and blues

Sarah Bolter/Stephen Godsall - a jazz journey through the great songbooks; Sarah sings, plays sax, flute and clarinet, Stephen plays guitar/bass.

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"Stephen Godsall and his radiophonic guitar stretch the boundaries. Unusual melodies supported by edgy harmonies make for a modern yet highly accessible sound. His fantastic compositional range, combined with formidable skills in sound editing and manipulation, give a fresh and satisfying take and on what is dismissively termed modern jazz."


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